To All Our Valued Clients:
new rates

In order to continue offering our clients the quality of services they expect from Repro Graphics, we have submitted a new comprehensive rate package. This rate package has been approved by ARM and will be effective March 1, 2013. 

Some rates declined while others increased.  For instance:

  • short-run black and white copies/prints rates remain unchanged 
  • digital color (HP Indigo) printing rates remain unchanged
  • printing charges for large format (banners and posters) have slightly increased
  • offset press hourly rates have increased slightly 
  • scanning & color copy rates on the self-service copiers in the libraries have been reduced

We realize that many units have sensitive budget restrictions so please contact us for alternative solutions to all your print, copy and design needs. Please check back for more information and thank you for bringing your business to UC Davis Repro Graphics.