Imagine a hassle free copier/printer right in your department. Working with multiple vendors, the Campus Copier Program (CCP) at Repro Graphics can find you the best piece of equipment to match your departmental needs. Plus, it comes with the best service team to making copying and network printing easy and efficient. Imagine:

  • No paperwork to process (VIs, DPOs)
  • Recharge monthly billing
  • Only pay for the copies used—no monthly minimums
  • Copy card access to over 100 copiers on campus
  • Paper included in your cost per copy
  • University staff to assist with paper jams or specialty jobs
  • All service/maintenance included
  • Supplies included and provided by Repro Graphics
  • Machines with network printing, scanning and faxing available

No contract to sign - we change with your departmental needs. We serve the campus and medical center exclusively and share the campus mission. Approximately 400 copier/printers are in use throughout the CCP. For an assessment of what Repro Graphics can do for your department, please contact us and we will send you a proposal within 3 business days.

Need Help?  

Christy Pearce    
FAX 754-0200