Introducing the HP L25500 Large Format Printer

large format printer

Repro Graphics is happy to welcome this printer to our line of ENERGY STAR equipment. The HP L25500 is a state-of-the-art printer that is very kind to the environment. We feel the most important features of this printer are:

  • A 60" print area. This allows us to produce even larger posters and banners for our clients.
  • Water-based latex inks and PVC-free materials. These new technologies produce odorless, low VOC posters and banners whilereducing the impact of printing on the environment.
  • Improved durability. Your posters and banners will now last longer in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • HP take-back program. HP is now accepting all HP recyclable materials free of charge. See below for instructions on how your posters and banners can be recycled.

Large format Recycling Instuctions

  1. Call or e-mail Repro Graphics. We will pick up your banner at no charge and recycle the materials appropriately.

    how to recycle banners

  2. Recycle the materials on your own. Click here for instructions on how to send your recyclable posters and banners back to HP for free!