T-Shirt Guidelines and Order Form

  1. Complete this webform or submit files and order specifications with payment method via email to reprographics@ucdavis.edu.

  2. Provide a separate jpg or pdf file for each image, referencing the location in the file name (full front, left chest, right chest, full back, right sleeve, left sleeve etc.).

  3. T-Shirts will print in the color(s) prepared in the file, with the exception of white which is ignored. The printed colors on the garment will be less vibrant than what you might see on your screen or printed on paper. Light colors get lighter when printed on fabric, and may not show up depending on how dark of a shirt is being used. Minimum tint should be 25%.
  4. Words and images must be consistent with the UC Davis Principles of Community. http://occr.ucdavis.edu/poc/

  5. In submitting the file to print, you as the designer and customer are responsible for any copyright (http://manuals.ucdavis.edu/PPM/250/250-01.pdf) or trademark infringement (http://manuals.ucdavis.edu/PPM/310/310-65.pdf)   (if any occur).
  6. Files should be set up to sizes not to exceed (to approximate size in inches divide pixels at each dimension by 300):
    a) Full front or back, 14” x 16” @ 300dpi (4200 x 4800 pixels).
    b) Left or right chest, 4” x 4” though 1” x 4” is recommended (300 x 1200)
    c) Left or right sleeve, 4” x 8” though 4” x 4” is recommended (1200 x 1200 pixels)
  7. Standard sizes: S-XL in unisex t-shirts. 2XL and larger may be available by special order at an additional charge.
  8. T-shirts in stock are white, gray and natural. Additional colors may be ordered for an additional charge. Dark colors are not well suited for this printer but we have partners we can use if needed and pricing will be subject to their rates.
  9. Most orders can be completed within 5 working days.  Orders of 10 shirts or less in standard sizes and colors are often completed within 2 days.
  10. Student orders will be picked up at 176 Hoagland Hall with student ID and payment by credit card or student account. We will make a photocopy of the student ID when payment is by billing the student account.
  11. Test prints (proofs) will be charged as a finished shirt.

T-Shirt Prices

Faculty/Staff T-Shirts

Standard unisex T-Shirt printed in up two (2) locations * $  8.99
Add printing in third location  $11.99
Customer provided shirts ** $12.99

Student T-Shirts (plus sales tax)

Standard unisex (S-XL) T-Shirt printed in one (1) location* $5.00
Customer provided T-shirts one (1) location** $8.99
Each additional location $3.00

* Standard colors are white, natural and gray. Additional sizes and colors, price subject to availability. 

** Customer supplied shirts must contain a minimum of 50% cotton with no moisture wicking fabric and presented clean and ironed. While every effort is made to ensure shirts are not damaged, Repro Graphics will not be responsible for shirts that are damaged during the imprinting process and will not be replaced.








1. Payment Information
Please do not enter anything in this field if paying with Credit Card
2. Client Information
3. Job Information
Please allow a minimum of 3 business days to complete your order. For rush orders, please call (530) 752-COPY (2679).
Additional colors are available via special order for an extra charge. Please call 752-COPY for more information.
Please list specific sizes and quantities.  For example, S = 0, M = 1, L = 5, XL = 2

Please list the file names and locations on the shirt for each image you've uploaded in the next field. For instance: "pic01.jpg on full back, pic02.jpg on left chest"

4. Upload Files

After you submit your order you will be directed to our Upload Files location. This is where you can select and upload your T Shirt file(s) to Repro Graphics.

We prefer print-quality pdfs but will accept .jpg, .eps, .tif, .psd,.doc and .ppt. To reduce upload time, please compress files before sending if possible.

Please Note: The following Upload Files page will ask you to notify Repro Graphics upon a file being submitted. Please disregard this request for t-shirt jobs -- the submission of this form is sufficient notification. Sorry for any inconvenience.