No Bid Process

A bid process is not required for the majority of jobs we handle.


Conducting a formal bid process takes time and money. The bid document needs to be prepared and vendors need to be found. All bids need to be given an objective review to determine the lowest cost and best product.


As your campus partners, we can submit cost-effective estimates. It's not necessary to get additional bids from other printers.


Don't worry about going out to bid, just send us your project and we'll get it done -- on time and within budget.



No Sales Tax


Save 8.5% on sales tax alone when you use Repro Graphics and pay with recharge!

There is no sales tax on work performed by Repro Graphics when paying with recharge, so we can pass that savings directly onto you.

Combine this with our no-bid process, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art equipment and your department will come away very satisfied.


Electronic Recharge

No purchase orders or invoices to sign and no more paperwork! We  automatically deduct funds from your account using your recharge number once your product has been delivered. This saves everyone time and money.

Creative Solutions

Many projects often require custom solutions, where a sales representative can sit down with the customer and personally go over every aspect of the job. Often, significant money can be saved by making these decisions with the help of a competent printing professional.



Our Client Service Representatives can do just that -- provide you with our expertise on your next project. Our creative solutions take into account your budget, your audience and most importantly your deadline.

Call us at (530) 752-COPY (2679) or send an e-mail to and let Repro Graphics handle your next project.

We're ready to meet you on campus or at your office, at your convenience.


Design Tips

An excellent design is the foundation of any good printing piece and we are here to help.


Repro Graphics has a staff of talented designers who can take your ideas and turn them into creative printed products.

Call us for a free consultation with our in-house design department when you’re ready to start your next communications project.

We are also happy to work with any other on-campus designer or outside group. Anyone can send their files to our secure website and we will gladly work with them on all the details.


Free Pickup and Delivery

For your convenience, our couriers make daily scheduled stops both on campus and at the medical center in Sacramento.

To help conserve gas and increase efficiency we suggest uploading your files by clicking here. If you need a special pickup, please use the Pickup Request Form by clicking here or contact us at (530) 752-COPY (2679).

Quick Turnaround

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product delivered to our clients as soon as possible.

Most print jobs can be completed in four business days or less – copy jobs can be completed even quicker. Please contact us with any questions regarding your tight deadlines.