Posters & Signage

Repro Graphics uses the latest in digital printing technology to create vibrant posters, banners and trade show displays for indoor and outdoor use.

Posters, banners and signage can be printed easily, quickly and affordably. They are excellent for:

  • tradeshow displays and graphics
  • research posters for medical and scientific presentations
  • event signs and promotional signage
  • outdoor banner displays
  • presentations
  • anywhere you need large photographic-quality images

Our fade-resistant inks and durable media options ensure your large format posters and banners maintain vivid colors and excellent image quality.

Get started

To initiate your large format poster or signage project, enter your information and attach your file for printing. Your project will begin once your completed form is submitted. If you have questions about filling out your form, contact a Client Service Representative at 530-752-2679 and they will be happy to assist you.

Poster and Signage Options

Available Materials
  • Photo Gloss or Photo Satin Paper
  • Outdoor Vinyl
  • Light Fabric
  • Perforated Window Vinyl
  • Textured Floor Vinyl
  • Other materials available by special order

Finishing Options

  • Mounting on rigid substrates
  • Lamination - sealed edge or flush trim
  • Banner hemming or tape
  • Grommets
  • Banner stands

Poster and Signage File Setup Guidelines

File formats

PDF (highest quality preferred), Adobe InDesign (include support graphics and fonts), Photoshop (psd, tif, jpg) or Illustrator (ai, eps).

Printing from Powerpoint

We recommend exporting your Powerpoint file as a high quality PDF. If you supply a native PowerPoint file, these issues might occur:

  • Inconsistencies when enlarging from PowerPoint
  • Text shifting or wrapping to the next line 

When designing in PowerPoint, never copy and paste image graphics into your file; always insert as picture. It is recommended that a hardcopy color proof is supplied to Repro Graphics for accurate color and layout matching.

Image Resolution

We recommend designing your large format document at actual size with a resolution of 100 dpi minimum.


Convert fonts to outlines (preferred method) or supply all Post Script printer and screen fonts.


PDF electronic proofs will be provided upon request. Hard copy proofs are available at an extra charge.

  • Whenever possible, do not embed images. Use insert as picture or place commands in your application.
  • Avoid using low resolution images, especially ones taken from the internet. Repro Graphics cannot guarantee quality output when low resolution images are used.
Extra Charges
  1. Client requested color and layout changes are available.
  2. Jobs with incomplete or inaccurate elements may require extra work. Customer will be notified and given a quote.

Need help?

530-754-COPY (2679)