If you’ve ever received a mailpiece that has been customized with your name printed on it, you’re familiar with variable data printing.

“VDP” pieces can be anything from a postcard from your car dealer to a detailed brochure or presentation for your clients or prospective students. Each piece can include personalized images, names, messages, barcodes and more. VDP text can match fonts, colors and sizes to your design seamlessly. Recipients respond more positively to personalized material and are more likely to interact with and remember it.

  • Brochures: personalize with pictures, photos, quotes – even articles targeted to an individual’s interests based on information taken from a questionnaire.
  • Catalogs and directories: flow images and text of a large number of entries without having to take the time to lay them out page by page.
  • Notepads: personalize with names as a conference or event giveaway.
  • Postcards and invitations: include custom naming, addressing, salutations and even a personal message to increase engagement.

How does it work?

Along with your project files, provide us with a database. We match your columns of data (“first name”, “image 1”, “quote”, for example) to the corresponding place you have designated in your project (Dear [first name], for example). That is all we need to know where to flow the variable data. If you have questions about how to properly set up your database or project files, we’d be happy to help!